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The 6th of April 2023, was my first day in office day as #EXECUTIVE #DIRECTOR for Wildlife Clubs of Uganda. I can say it was a good start in office as I hosted Mukasa Emmanuel the C.E.O of Herp Fauna Foundation in Uganda.

We discussed strategic issues especially on how to scale up awareness about #handling#management and #rescue of reptiles.

We also agreed to scale up conservation education and public awareness efforts among Ugandans on issues affecting our shared planet.

We intend to involve students of different school-going categories as change agents in conservation.

I was also pleased to donate him a copy of #SWARA Magazine from our partners East African Wildlife Society which contains information about:
a) Lifestyle,
b) Travel and Tourism,
c) Hospitality,
e) Adventure,
f) Livelihoods,
g) Wildlife Management, &
h) Investment issues.

📸 Ssesanga Hamuzah

As Wildlife Clubs of Uganda (WCU) a country wide association of young people with interested in environmental conservation education, we are committed to the conservation of Uganda’s natural heritage and the wise use of environmental resources.

Founded in 1975 as a non-religious and non-political association that does not discriminate in its membership on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion or political differences, our #mission is:

To educate the population so as to ensure the sustainable use of Uganda’s natural resources and to conserve the country’s wildlife heritage for the present and future generations.

Sharing with our partners:
Wildlife Conservation Society
Uganda Wildlife Education Center
Uganda Wildlife Authority
Pro Natura

Thank you Mukasa Emmanuel for coming through with brilliant ideas. Looking forward to our concept

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