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Survey of Primates in Semuliki National Park, Western Uganda


Primates in Semuliki National Park have been poorly documented. Up to now, it is not clear whether the Park has eight or nine species of Primates. The most threatened Primate species are the Mona Monkeys, the Red colobus and the de-Brazza monkey. We do not have reliable population data for these species. Wildlife Clubs of Uganda is conducting a census of the Primates in this park and also document the ecological status of their habitat in terms of food abundance and their security.

Project goals.

The goal is to gather data on the extinction of Primate Species that is now at hand, and to aim for the survival of those species. We want to maintain species diversity sustainable conservation in the Semuliki National Park, which was rich in Primate Species and sustainable wildlife.

Funded by: Pro Natura Foundation Japan.

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