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Revival and Strengthening of the Wildlife Clubs of Uganda in schools and Strengthening of the Wildlife Clubs of Uganda in schools.


The Wildlife Cubs revival project has so far reached 77 schools representing all the regions of Uganda. We have developed and implemented a series of wildlife education activities in all the representative schools. These included forming new clubs and electing club executive leaders, Student-centered activities and sensitization during mobile education visits, and monitoring and evaluation. We also produced and distributed sign posts and newsletters and WCU guide booklets in one of the phases.

Project Objectives.

Main objective.
  • The main aim of the project is to revive wildlife Clubs in schools.
Specific objectives.
  • Establish 16 more Wildlife Clubs in 16 schools across the western region of Uganda.
  • Conduct conservation education in order to strengthen the knowledge base of students / teachers so as to take positive actions in wildlife / environment conservation issues.
  • Produce and distribute wildlife club sign posts for creating awareness.

Funded by: Government of Uganda Through Ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities.

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